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Electrical Equipment

• Preparing distribution and power transformers of various capacities, sizes and types ( 250,400.630,1000,2000 ) KVA.
• Box station type KV 11\0.416.
• Preparing round and mesh electrical poles and lighting poles.
• Preparing decorative lighting poles with LED and COP fixtures.
• Preparing aluminum wires for all types of antenna networks.
• Providing complete secondary stations, KV 132/33/11, of European and Western origins.
• Preparing all high and medium pressure equipment used in the Electric kat.
• Providing all types of high and medium pressure cables.
• Providing switchgear 33&11KV.
• Preparing various types of boards and circuit breakers.
• Preparing electrical power transmission towers 132/33 KV.
• Preparing inspection devices for electrical equipment
• ( Omicron, Baur , Fluke).
• Preparing grounding equipment, including complete grounding networks.
• Prepare all low pressure equipment.
• Preparing a cable box (termination joint) for high-pressure cables.
• Preparing fuse cut-out, fuses, separators, and connection equipment.

Voltage regulator and booster with different capacities up to 5000 KVA

• Single-phase motor servo type.
• Three-phase type Servo Motor.

Transformer oils
  • Our company is considered the main agent for companies specialized in transformer oil. It is one of the most prestigious international facilities in all Capacities (132,33,11KVA).
Electrical Safety Assesment

Our company supplies a large group of educational laboratory equipment for… The level of specializations.
• Engineering.
• Scientific.
Which concerns universities, colleges, scientific institutes, and educational laboratories in ministries and Oil companiesAnd postgraduate studies centres.