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Ground / Pad Mounted Transformers: (250 K.V.A -5000 K.V.A)with voltage until 33 K.V


Experience efficient energy distribution with UTEC’s state-of-the-art Ground/Pad-Mounted Transformers products expertly crafted to meet your diverse transformer needs. Our transformers are designed to enhance urban and rural residential, commercial, and industrial power delivery.

Technical Data:


Cable Management Excellence.

Equipped with cable boxes or compartments, our transformers facilitate easy and secure cable termination on both High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) bushing terminals. This design promotes problem-free maintenance and minimizes downtime.

Innovative Tank Design.

transformers are oil-immersed in a hermetically sealed tank. The tank’s ingenious construction accommodates oil expansion during loading through corrugated steel sheets. For added versatility, choose from sealed tanks with detachable radiators for nitrogen-filled gas space or the free-breathing type with an oil conservator tailored to your unique specifications.

Customizable Arrangements.

Choose from three pre-engineered arrangements, each designed to align with your specific requirements and industry standards: – Cable boxes with HV and LV terminals positioned either at opposite sides of the tank or on the lid – Compartments featuring HV and LV terminals on the same side of the tank conforming to ANSI / IEEE standards – The HV side offers flexible dead or live front configurations, catering to loop or radial feed setups.

Pole Mounted Transformers

(250 K.V.A -5000 K.V.A)with voltage until 33 K.V


Innovative Pole-Mounted Transformer Meets Diverse Power Needs Discover the advanced capabilities of our Pole-Mounted Transformer products, tailored to efficiently serve both urban and rural residential and commercial energy demands. Engineered as a hermetically sealed, oil-immersed transformer, it stands as a benchmark of excellence, meticulously crafted and rigorously tested in alignment with IEC standards and the stringent requirements set forth .

Technical Data:


Hermetically Sealed Design

Our transformer boasts an oil-immersed, hermetically sealed construction, ensuring optimal performance and durability in varying environments.

Dual Bushing Configuration

The primary bushings are strategically located on the bolted top cover. Secondary bushings are placed within a side wall enclosure featuring an air-insulated cable box.

Tailored for Expansion

Designed to accommodate oil expansion during load fluctuations, the tank is constructed of corrugated steel sheets, guaranteeing safe and efficient operation.

Customization Possibilities

Both primary and secondary bushings can also be integrated into the top cover to suit specific project requirements, offering versatility without compromising performance.