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About Us




Uloom Al-taqa Company is one of the leading engineering companies in the field of electrical energy systems and distribution in Iraq. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has set out to establish sound foundations in the field of supplying various electrical energy equipment by concluding multiple agreements with reputable international companies with distinguished and acceptable specifications in Iraq at the level of electrical energy.

About Us

Company vision

Our company aspires to introduce all the latest technologies related to electrical energy distribution systems in Iraq. Our company supports smart systems, as well as the trend towards reducing electrical energy losses through the introduction of highly efficient transformers with solid origins.



Power transformer

power transformers up to 125 MVA and the maximum voltage class is 400KV. The oil filled Power Transformers will be provided with externally mounted detachable type radiators for cooling. Transformers with other IEC specified cooling systems like cooling by fans ( ONAF) and cooling by forced oil ( ONAF) .

Distribution transformers

Experience efficient energy distribution with UTEC’s state-of-the-art Ground/Pad-Mounted Transformers products expertly crafted to meet your diverse transformer needs. Our transformers are designed to enhance urban and rural residential, commercial, and industrial power delivery.

Customizable Arrangements

Choose from three pre-engineered arrangements, each designed to align with your specific requirements and industry standards: - Cable boxes with HV and LV terminals positioned either at opposite sides of the tank or on the lid - Compartments featuring HV and LV terminals on the same side of the tank conforming to ANSI / IEEE standards - The HV side offers flexible dead or live front configurations, catering to loop or radial feed setups